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Amelia Pond and the Doctor
"Cross my two hearts"

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Here’s my askbox and now let’s go!


I think season 9 of Supernatural will be splendid! 

like a drum-roll before the very last season

"If your character could take a trait from another character, what would it be and why?"

- Teen Wolf Revelation (August 19)

Supernatural - Castiel

requested by anon


Hey, everyone! I’m doing my first tumblr awards together with Bianca! I hope you all reblog this otherwise I’ll be sad

and thanks to Bianca for making this lovely picture!


  • mbf me and Bianca (I swear to Crowley, we will check!)
  • reblog to enter; likes don’t count!
  • reblog as many times as you want
  • you have until friday, june 21th
  • there will be 2 or 3 runners up and one winner


  • best URL
  • best Theme
  • best Doctor Who
  • best Supernatural
  • best Sherlock
  • best Multifandom (at least 3 fandoms)
  • best edits
  • Sandra’s favourite blog
  • Bianca’s favourite blog

What you get

  • a link on our blogs
  • winners will get as many promos as they want over the next two weeks (just ask!) 
  • follow back woop woop
  • oh and you’ll get a piece of my heart or soul, your choice

I think that’s it! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions :)

Now, shall we begin? 

Amelia Pond and the Doctor
"Cross my two hearts"

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